To register, visit any miMoney agent nearest to your location or register via *189# or click to register now

No. You do not need a bank account to open-up a miMoney mobile account

  • Save Money on your Mobile Phone (Mmoney)
  • Send Money to another person's phone
  • Send Money from miMoney to any Bank Account
  • Buy Airtime for yourself and send to others
  • Withdraw money at any miMoney agent location

Yes miMoney works for any GSM mobile network in Nigeria

Option 1 - Visit the nearest miMoney agent with the money you want to deposit into your miMoney

Option 2: Ask another miMoney account holder to transfer money from his/her account to your wallet

Option 3: Transfer money from your linked bank account to your miMoney

No. The miMoney account is free but you are charged for transactions.

miMoney works with any phone and on any network, anytime and everywhere with a simple dial command. Simple dial *189# or download our app. You can also manage your account via the web portal

Any Phone, model or brand is compatible with miMoney

LevelsTransactionDaily Limit
Level 1 (miMoney Easy)N3,000N30,000
Level 2 (miMoney Plus)N10,000N100,000
Level 3 (miMoney Premium)N100,000N1,000,000

The ranges are subject to change based on regulatory requirements

At registration, you are expected to select a transaction level. You cannot exceed maximum transaction limits for your level. However, you are free to change your transaction level anytime.

Please call the miMoney contact center number and the issue will be resolved

In case of incomplete transaction, please call the miMoney contact center, the Dispute Resolution team will resolve the issue.

You can spend all your money (e-value) to zero balance, there is no minimum balance required.

Your Account and your money is safe. If you lose your phone, you can call the miMoney Call Center; 012919900, 012919902 to immediately block your account. Once you get a new phone, call us to reactivate your account so you can continue transacting

No. You can use your miMoney wherever you are and you can withdraw at any miMoney agent location

Call 012919900, 012919902 or email support@mimoney.com.ng for a PIN reset

miMoney PINs does not expire

As a registered customer on the miMoney platform, all your transactions are safe and secured as long as your pin has not been compromised. Note that all Transactions will require a customer authentication before they are completed